Welcome week

All Master 1 Mamaself will meet for a Welcome Week in Rennes before starting the lectures at each site of the consortium. This Welcome week is one of the 3 main events of the program where students meet at a special place. The Welcome week takes place during the first 2 weeks of September

Mamaself welcome week
  1. Agenda
  2. Arrival


6-15 September 2018

The Welcome week start on September 6th morning will last untill the 15th September 2018. After this date the students will join their first hosting Institution in Rennes, Munich, Torino or Montpellier for the start of the Master Course.


The students should arrive in France, Rennes, on September 7th latest.
Students staying the first year in Rennes will get immediately their definitive room at the students residency.
Students who spend the first year in Montpellier, Munich or Torino will have to reserve a room at the CROUS residence for th etime of the Welcome week (see information given in Spring).

Please refer to the Mamaself Information guide for all questions regarding your travel and official documents.

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