Welcome week

All Master 1 Mamaself will meet for a Welcome Week in Rennes before starting the lectures at each site of the consortium. This Welcome week is one of the 3 main events of the program.
Mamaself welcome week


5 - 14 September 2024

The Mamaself Welcome week will take place in Rennes, France on Campus Beaulieu.
​All Master 1 students will arrive in Rennes for the integration days, before joining their first year university.
Students must arrive on 6th September latest and  join the Students residence.
Please see the program of the Welcome week, that will start on thursday 5th September 2024, University Rennes1, Campus Beaulieu, Building1, Salle des thèses, 10 am.
For all activities, welcome meeting, city tour, cultural visit, rafting, broomsball, trip to Montpellier, visit to Pont du Gard etc : please refer to the program !

The new arriving students will be invited to the Graduation ceremony and cocktail, on monday 9th.

Mamaself Master 2 students will have the Summerschool dedicated to the use of LSF at the same period. A travel to Montpellier is organised so that Master 1 and Master 2 Mamaself students can meet and interact.
The Mamaself Welcome week will end in Montpellier, after 2 days with the Master 2 students (meeting, cultural visit in the South of France). On saturday 17th Sepember, students will travel to their first year institution.


The new students will arrive in France, Rennes, on September 7th latest (one day before start of the Welcome week program).
Students staying the first year in Rennes will get immediately their definitive room at the students residency next to the campus Beaulieu, if they made the reservation before.
Students who spend the first year in Montpellier, Munich or Torino will have to reserve a room via Mamaself office at the CROUS residence for the time of the Welcome week (see information given in Spring).

The nights in Montpellier during the Welcome week will be reserved and taken in charge by Mamaself.

Please refer to the Mamaself Information guide for all questions regarding your travel and official documents.

The Mamaself office and meeting places during the Welcome week are situated at Campus Beaulieu, that you can reach easily from the station or town center (Bus C4, C6, C1, Metro Beaulieu Université).

Bank information

Mamaself has a partnership with a French bank of international level, Credit Agricole.

This bank proposes an account offer for international students. The account proposal will be shared with students during spring, and students will meet the n-bank during the welcome week in Rennes.