University of Torino


With 65,000 students, 4,000 professors and staff, 4,000 post-graduate and post-doctoral students, 120 buildings in various areas of Turin and at key points across the Piedmont Region, the University of Turin can truly claim to be a kind of city-within-a-city, promoting culture, generating research, innovation, training and employment. With six hundred years of tradition behind it and a rich asset of modern resources, the University of Turin has held up to its mission right up to the present day, and will continue to do so into the future.
The University boasts twelve Schools which cover virtually every field of knowledge and three of the top eleven research centres in the country.

Some of the degree offered are unique in Italy, such Military Strategy, Biotechnologies, Restoration (Venaria), Business, Sport Sciences. The School of Public Policy and Administration which nurtures the next generation of managers for the city and the region.

Turin University, which has always been at the avant garde for research, is branching out into new

 er, but equally important sectors such as agriculture and food science, social politics, IT, performing arts, communication sciences and preservation of cultural heritage. The University is also dedicated to carrying forward its glorious tradition of research in traditional subjects such as history, philosophy, law, economics and medicine.

The University has been a key player in prestigious projects such as “The City of Health and Science”. It takes a close interest in the area’s network of museums, ranging from Egyptian to contemporary art. It runs its own media, radio, television and film productions.

It is also active on an international level, with partnerships with India, China and with a number of emerging countries in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean and with a number of international organisations active in the region.

The Mamaself coordinator for University of Torino is Pr Silvia BORDIGA

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