Josef Schmidbauer tells about his Mamaself experience

Josef Schmidbauer, German Mamaself student, tell about his experience within the program in France, Germany and Japan, where he did his...

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Mamaself experience shared by Sebastian Walfort

I will present my Master Thesis research subject with Dr Maciej Lorenc from the University of Rennes 1 in France: Tracking the photo-...

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Sujeet explains : Why Large Scale Facilities?

After 2 years Mamaself program, Sujeet, now in PhD at University of Rennes, explains from his point of view :why it is important in a...

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Olena Makhotkina, from Ukraine, tells about her Master thesis

Olena Makhotkina, from Ukraine, Mamaself student from the 2012-14 cohort, tells about her experience and Master thesis

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Mamaself success story by Guo Shuai

As an old Mamaself member, I would love to share my experience with all Mamaself students.

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