Mamaself success story by Guo Shuai

As an old Mamaself member, I would love to share my experience with all Mamaself students.

In 2010, I continued my researches as a Ph.d. candidate in the same group where I did my master thesis at TUM. It is often a big question for everyone after obtaining the master degree: Should I look for a job in industry? Or should I apply for a Ph.d. position? As for me, it was very clear back then that I would continue to do researches as a Ph.d. student, because I have very high interest and passion to carry on my researches (in the field of organic photovoltaics).

In addition, it is my personal aim since my childhood that I would like to pursue a doctoral degree. But I do not think that everyone has to choose this academic path. Some classmates of mine (also Mamaself students), they found great jobs after Mamaself program all over the world. In short, you need follow your heart. Better think about three questions: what you really want at this moment? Does your personality suit for rather lonely, and mostly hard-working research life? What do you want to gain right now (working experience or research experience)?

During the Ph.d. period, there were wonderful chances to lead research topics, to mentor bachelor and master students, to build collaboration with industry partners, to coordinate some internal and external events. Through four years’ intensive learning and training, I become ever confident and independent, which I am truly grateful to my supervisor Prof. Peter Müller-Buschbaum and all the colleagues.

Now I started a job as a product engineer at Infineon Technology in Munich. Infineon is a great high technology company manufacturing the cutting edge semiconductor devices, which make our life easier, safer, and greener. All the semiconductor devices are widely used in our cell phones, computers, household appliances, cars, trains, credit cards, etc.

As a product engineer in automotive department, I am the technical interface among different functional groups. I work closely with the quality team, marketing team, and other engineers to find solutions to customer requirements and to assure our product quality. Since Infineon is a big international company, communication plays a big part of my daily work. Therefore, actively and openly convey the knowledge, seek for sound input and foster discussions to produce the best solution are indispensable. Moreover, identify the existing problems and react in a proactively way by committing to the customer’s concerns are essential.

Till now, I really enjoy working at Infineon, which was selected as the most popular company by the employees in Germany in 2015. It offers you a big platform and various opportunities to learn, to improve, and to explore. In the meantime, you could keep a good balance between work and life. For those mamaself students who are interested in electric engineering, Infineon would be a great place to go.

Last but not the least, to all mamaself students: let us be thankful and not forget all the heroes and heroines, who spent tremendous efforts to make this international master program run so successfully! Thank you very much for your wonderful work!