Bartosz Penkala, cohort 2010-12

Bartosz is now finishing his PhD (between Univesrity of Montpellier and Saint Gobain company) in Montpellier. Here's what he wrote 2 years ago...

I have been introduced to MaMaSELF program during my bachelor studies in Poznan University of Technology in Poland. My application was strongly encourage by very strong program in material science with used of large-scale facilities, additionally supported by international character of the program.
I have decided to spend my first year of master in University of Rennes 1 (France) mainly because of scientific program as well as strong interest in French culture and language. Moreover, possibility to perform internship in scientific or industrial research centre after second semester was additional motivation for this destination. In my case I had opportunity to spend my internship in Swiss National Laboratories for Material Science (EMPA), developing my first scientific project with strong emphasis on Swiss perfection during work.
My second year I have spent in University of Torino (Italy) during first semester and University of Montpellier 2 (France) during second semester, where I was working on my master thesis project, connected with oxygen conductors working at low temperature. During this period I had possibility to work with very innovative materials but also I have been acquainted to the industrial R&D, thanks to the collaboration with Saint-Gobain Research Centre in Cavaillon.
Presently, I am employed by Saint-Gobain CREE and continue my scientific work in University of Montpellier 2, thanks to the CIFRE PhD program. It is special French initiative bringing together industries and universities. My work is based on the industrial applications of the system develop in the University with strong support of the large-scale facilities.
From my own experience I can say that MaMaSELF program gives great opportunities for scientific and personal development. Thanks to the overlapping of the academic, industrial and large-scale facilities worlds, students have occasion to develop specific knowledge, depending on their own interest. Additionally thanks to the reach network of collaborators, it is possible to find employment in world leading large-scale facilities and research centres. From the other side, MaMaSELF helps to meet great people from almost every part of world and benefits on the cultural differences exploration.