Julio and Enmanuel

Julio, from Mexico, and Enmanuel, from Cuba, talk about Master Mamaself, why they have chosen this program, how they could receive a scholarship, what makes the program unique in their opinion

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Victor Oliveros

Victor is a Mamaself student from cohort 2018, he is now working in Barcelona for Hewlett Packard and tells us here about his Mamaself experience, what was helpful in the program and his way after graduation : Beautiful memories

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Evheniia Kholina

Evheniia, from Ukraine, share here her experience during the Master. She is now doing a PhD in Upsala.

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Tatiana & Victor

Tatiana, from Russia, and Victor, from France, Master 2 Mamaself students from 2016-18 cohort, spent their Master Thesis at PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute) in Zurich, Switzerland, one of the Mamaself partner institution. They share their impressions about the Master during the Mamaself Status meeting 2018.

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Daniel Rinaldi

Daniel joined the Mamaself program in 2016 and is just graduated ! We met him during the Mamaself status meeting in last May, where he was presenting his Master thesis work. His dream was to work in aerospace

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Bhunavesh Srinivasan

Alumini News !
Bhuvanesh Srinivasan, from India, did his PhD at University of Rennes1 after Mamaself. Read his story!

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Shuai Guo

Shuai Guo has done a PhD at TUM after Mamaself. She tells about her Mamaself experience. She is now Senior product manager at Infineon in Munich, a world leader in semi-conductor solutions for automotive electronics, industrial power control, and digital security, where tiny electronic components have become an indispensable part of most technological applications.

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Ignacio, Hongwon, Ricardo

Searching for a Master in Europe ? see here ! Ignacio, from Spain, Hongwon, from South Korea, and Ricardo, from Mexico, give here information about the Master in Materials science Mamaself. They tell about the content of the program and students life in France, but also about the different scholarships Mamaself students can receive.

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Xu Hong's Testimonial

Chinese student Xu Hong shares his experience in Munich and his Master thesis at TUM about semiconductors

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