Technische Universität München (TUM)


The Technische Universität München first saw the light of day in 1868 in the form of the independent 'Royal Polytechnic' . As Carl Max von Bauernfeind, its first rector, said in his inauguration address, the establishment was founded to "bring the vitalizing sparks of science to bear on technology". Since the time of its foundation, the Technische Universität München has earned itself an international reputation in many fields : we can point out with pride that a number of Nobel Prize winners originate from our university.

The Technische Universität München holds a unique position in Europe in terms of the choice of fields it offers. The courses cover all areas of the natural and engineering sciences, along with medicine and life sciences.

The teaching programs of the Technische Universität München include 26 courses leading to a German Diplom degree, and 45 bachelor's and master's courses have recently been introduced.