Summer school

The second academic year of the Master Mamaself will start with a summer school of two weeks, where both lectures and practicals (comprehensively corresponding to 7 ECTS) will offer an excellent introduction into the use of "Large Scale Facilities". The Mamaself Summerschool takes place at University of Montpellier

Master Mamaself Summerschool

The core of the lectures will all be given by the scientists responsible of the Master in each of the universities :

  • Werner  Paulus
  • Philippe Rabiller
  • Winfried Petry
  • Peter Müller-Buschbaum
  • Wolfgang Schmahl
  • Jürg Schefer
  • Peter Glatzel
  • Elisa Borfecchia

exhibiting a huge background in this area. Each year the core lectures will be supported by specific seminars given by other university colleagues and by researchers directly coming from national or European Large Scale Facilities centres.

There will also be a teaching contribution from scientists coming from outside Europe, India (IIT Madras), Japan (University of Kyoto, Institute of Materials Research, and Russia (Southern Federal University), Switzerland (Paul Scherrer Institute), USA (University of Connecticut, Universty Cornell) in order to show the perspectives in Non-European countries and to give a more globalized view of research activities and organisation outside European using "Large Scale Facilities".
See "Professors and experts" page

The summer school  will take place in September, before the "Materials science" lectures given at the different universities.
 A further aim of the summer school is to bring together all the students participating to the program and to allow a maximum of personal exchange between the students, but also to propose already at this stage possible subjects of internships, and the list of Master thesis (and corresponding supervisors) available for the second semester.

Arrival & agenda

Start 2021 : September 6th, 2021
End : September 18th, 2020
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Accommodation : students who do not stay the year at University of Montpellier will ask for an accommodation  for the 2 weeks of the Summerschool. Students will have to make a reservation at a residency proposed by Mamaself.
Exam : the exam will take place at the end of the Summerschool (thursday 16th September morning)

Meeting with Master 1 Mamaself : M1 Mamaself will arrive on thursday afternoon in order to spend 2 days with M2 students.
Friday 17th Septemebr : day trip for M1 & M2 Mamaself students : cultural visit (Pont du Gard or Avignon or St Guilhem du Désert...) and dinner. Return to Montpellier by late evening friday17th.

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