Philippe Papet

Philippe Papet


E-mail :  philippe [dot] papetatuniv-montp2 [dot] fr

Phone :  +33 467144557


Department of Solid State Chemistry
Charles Gerhardt Institut / ICGM/, Montpellier University, France


Post-Doc in Material Science, MRL, Penn State University, USA: grain size effects on the dielectric properties in PMN relaxors
Researcher /Saint Gobain, Nemours/France
Associate Professor, Polytech / ICGM, Montpellier University, France
Professor, Group Leader C2M/ ICGM, Montpellier University, France

Working fields

Materials Science (crystal growth, piezoelectric materials, dielectric properties)
Main methods used: Flux method for crystal growth, impedance spectroscopy, Electron Back Scattering Diffraction.
Instrument developments
Neutron powder diffractometer DMC at the reactor SAPHIR, Würenlingen (now at SINQ/PSI)
Impedance spectroscopy measurements versus temperature
Piezoelectric characterizations by electric impedance measurements
Latest approved scientific project
PIEMON – Piezoelectric single crystal for use at high temperature
ANR funded project between Neel Institut/ Grenoble, Onera/ Paris, Crystal Laser/Nancy and University of Montpellier (2015-2018))

Recent publications

    •    T.R. Shrout, P. Papet, S. Kim & G.S. Lee : Conventionally prepared submicron lead-based perovskite powders by reactive calcination, Journal of American Ceramic Society, 73 1024 (1990)
    •    P. Papet, J.P. Dougherty & T.R. Shrout : Particle and grain size effects on the dielectric behavior of the relaxor ferroelectric Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3,  Journal of Materials Research, 5 (12) 2902 (1990)
    •    P. Papet, J. Rouquette, V. Bornand, J. Haines, M. Pintard & P. Armand : Structural transitions versus pressure and temperature in the PZT phase diagram, Journal of  Electroceramics, 13, 311-314 (2004)
    •    G.  Fraysse, J. Haines, V.  Bornand, J.  Rouquette, M.  Pintard, P.  Papet & S.  Hull, Low-symmetry phases at the tilt boundary of the PbZr1−xTixO3 solid solution, Physical Review B, 77, 064109 (2008)
    •    J. Rouquette, J. Haines, Ali Al-Zein, P. Papet, F. Damay, J. Bourgeois, F. Doré, A. Maignan, M. Hervieu & C. Martin, Pressure-Induced Structural Transition in LuFe2O4: Towards a New Charge Ordered State, Physical Review Letters, 105(23), 237203 (2010)
    •    Ali Al-Zein, G. Fraysse, J. Rouquette, P. Papet, J. Haines, B. Hehlen, C. Levelut, G. Aquilanti & Y. Joly, Zr-shift at the origin of the exceptional piezoelectric properties of PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3,  Physical Review B, 81(17) , 4110 (2010)
    •    M. Hinterstein, J. Rouquette, J. Haines, P. Papet, M. Knapp, J. Glaum & H. Fuess, Structural Description of the Macroscopic Piezo- and Ferroelectric Properties of Lead Zirconate Titanate, Physical Review Letters, 107, 077602 (2011)
    •    A. Lignie, B. Ménaert, P. Armand, A. Peña, J. Debray and P. Papet : Top Seeded Solution Growth and Structural Characterizations of -quartz-like Structure GeO2 Single Crystal, Crystal Growth and Design, 13(10) ,4220-4225 (2013
    •    P. Hermet, A. Lignie, G. Fraysse, P. Armand and P. Papet Thermodynamic properties of the -quartz-type and rutile-type GeO2 from first-principles calculations, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 15943-15948 (2013)