Materials science

Scientists can design and control tailor-made materials with ever-increasing complexity and functionalities : Mamaself offers a high level Master in materials science
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From the eve of times, the epoque making discoveries of new materials led the mankind from the stone-age to the age of Industrial Revolution, to the age of Information Technology.

Scientists can design and control tailor-made materials with ever-increasing complexity and functionalities.
The latter is now taken for granted by developed societies, yet material science is probably understated in this association. Moreover, technological developments truly contribute to innovative organization in strategic and environmental issues whether it be in the energy storage and transformation, information, health, transport, etc. Nowadays, advanced materials have to combine different physical properties, become more resistant.
They are the build components of new devices that should be down sizeable and compatible with sustainable development. Designing, processing and controlling such smart materials verges on modern time’s wizardry. Fascinating and prospecting as it is, it requires highly qualified experts in materials characterization, processing and engineering, capable of well understanding underlying concepts in physics and chemistry.

The Master in Materials Science Exploring Large Scale Facilities is exactly intended to reach these objectives and offers this opportunity with the very unique feature at master level to train students to the use and applications of so called large scale facilities (neutron reactors for science, synchrotron sources, and free electron lasers). These are the most successful instruments in the world to date for investigating the nature of materials down to a single atom scale, and on unprecedented timescales of electronic and molecular quantum walkabouts. Erasmus Mundus international MaMaSELF program offers material wizardry in the hatching and acts as a step stone towards PhD positions in world-renowned laboratories and jobs opportunities among broad research or development sectors.