Juerg Schefer

Jurg Schefer


E-mail :  juerg [dot] scheferatpsi [dot] ch

Phone :  +41 563104347

Research Associate, Group Leader, Deputy Laboratory for Neutron Scattering and Imaging, Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
Co-Ordinator MaMaSELF for Switzerland
Senior Research Associate BNL/Columbia University, Upton/New York, USA
Post-Doc in structural biology, BNL, Upton, USA: Investigations on biological systems on proteins

Working fields

Materials Science (oxygen diffusion materials, magnetic materials, optical active materials)
Main methods used: neutron and X-Ray diffraction, single crystal and powder methods

Instrument developments

Neutron powder diffractometer DMC at the reactor SAPHIR, Würenlingen (now at SINQ/PSI)
Single crystal diffractometer TriCS/SINQ/PSI, to be replaced 2016 by ZEBRA
ESS multilength-scale diffraction instrument HEIMDAL for in-situ/in-operandi studies

Latest approved scientific project

SECTOR - Structural induced electronic complexity controlled by low temperature topotactic reaction
Common ANR/SNF funded project between PSI and University of Montpellier 

Scientific Publications

  • A.Villesuzanne, W. Paulus, A. Cousson, S. Hosoya, L. LeDreau, O. Hernandez, M.I. Houchati, J. Schefer: On the role of lattice dynamics on low-temperature oxygen mobility in solid oxydes: a neturon diffraction and first-principles investigation of La2CuO 4+δ. J. Solid State Electrochem. 15 (2011) 357-366


  • A. Cervellino, A. Schuy, J. Schefer, L. Keller, Th. Woike and  D. Schaniel: Structure of single photoswitchable nitrosyl complexes in nanopores of SiO2 xerogels.  J. Appl. Cryst.  43, 1040 (2010)


  • M. Rüdlinger, J. Schefer, T. Vogt, T. Woike, S. Haussühl and H. Zöllner, Ground- and Light Induced Metastable States of Sodium nitroprusside, Physica B 180&181 (1992) 293-298


  • M. Kenzelmann, A.B. Harris, S. Jonas, C. Broholm, J. Schefer, S.B. Kim, C.L. Zhang, S.-W. Cheong, O.P. Vajk and J.W. Lynn: Magnetic Inversion Symmetry Breaking and Ferroelectricity in TbMnO3, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95 (2005) 087206-1-087206-4


  • B. Roessli, J. Schefer, G. Petrakovskii, B. Ouladdiaf, M. Boehm, U. Staub,A. Vorontinov and L. Bezmaternikh: Formation of a Magnetic Soliton Lattice in CuB2O4 Metaborate, Physical Review Letters 86,9 (2001) 1885-1889


  • R. Knott, J. Schefer  and B.P. Schoenborn: Neutron Structure of the Immunosuppressant Cyclosporin A, Acta Crystallogr., C46 (1990) 1528-1533


  • J. Schefer, L. Keller, Y. Zannatul, S. Paofai, M. Schmalz, M. Krebs,  M. Ceretti, W. Paulus: Electrochemical reduction of La(Ni3.6Co0.7Al0.4Mn0.3 ) (LaMM) deuterides investigated by in situ neutron powder diffraction: Following the metal-hydride phase transition under technical operating conditions in a KOD electrolyte, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38 (2013) 5903-5910


  • J. Schefer, P. Fischer, W. Hälg, F. Stucki and L. Schlapbach: Structural Phase Transitions of FeTi-Deuterides, Material  Research Bulletin 14 (1979) 1281-1294