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Erasmus Mundus, Materials science, Master Chemistry, Master Physics, international scholarships,

Am I eligible ?

Student can apply if they have a Bachelor in Materials science or Physics or Chemistry or related disciplines (180 ects) and a good level in English.

How to apply ?

Students must apply on our application site. Fill the form and add the required documents.

Language ?

All Mamaself students must have a good level in English, as all the lectures will be given in English (at all universities). Mamaself students will attend a free language course at each site :

  • French lecture in Rennes and Montpellier,
  • German lecture in Munich,
  • Italian lecture in Turin.

What is the difference between a student and a scholar ?

  • A scholar is a person who has an academic position like researchers, professors, associate professors… or a post-doctoral position.
  • A student is a person studying in a particular educational programme.

Application questions

Questions related to the application to the program are described in detail on the Mamaself application site.

Please read it carefully during application !