Wolgang Schmahl

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Wolgang Schmahl

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  1. Curriculum
  2. Research Interests & Teaching
  3. Currently Funded Projects
  4. Selected Publications


  • Since 2004: Chair of Inorganic and Biogenic Geomaterials, LMU Munich
  • Since 2004: Director of the Mineralogical State Collection, Munich
  • 1998-2004: Prof. of Crystallography, Ruhr University Bochum
  • 1994-1998: Assistant Prof. of Physics & Chemistry of Minerals, Tuebingen University
  • 1990-1994: Research Assoc., Habilitation, Dept. of Materials Sci., Tech. Univ. Darmstadt
  • 1985-1990: DAAD and NATO Post Doc Grants, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Cambridge,

Honors, Awards & Fellowships

  • President of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie, 2012 – 2015          
  • Board Member of Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft, 1994 – 2007
  • Coordinator of DFG SPP “Strukturgradienten in Kristallen”, 1994 – 2001

Research Interests & Teaching

  • Biomaterials, Hierarchical Structures
  • Functional Materials, Structural Phase Transitions, Landau Theory
  • Mineral Surface Processes
  • X-ray-, Neutron-, and Electron Diffraction Techniques.

Currently Funded Projects

  • DFG FOR 1670 Mineralogische Charakterisierung der bioarchäologischen Funde
  • DFG FOR 1644 Nano- and microstruc­tu­ral transformation processes during diagenesis
  • DFG FOR 1766 Structure and Properties of Ti-Ta-X HT-FGL
  • DFG Nano- und Microstruc­ture of Coc­co­liths
  • EU ITN “Base-Line Earth” The micro- and nano-structure of modern and fossil brachiopod archives

Selected Publications

  • Hoffmann R, Kirchlechner C, Langer G, Wochnik AS, Griesshaber E, Schmahl WW, Scheu C (2015) Insight into Emiliania huxleyi coccospheres by focused ion beam sectioning. Biogeosciences 12: 825-834.
  • Huber J, Griesshaber E, Nindiyasari F., Schmahl WW, Ziegler A (2015) The oriented functionalization of biological carbonate: calcite orientation patterns in the partes incisivae of the mandibles of Porcellio scaber and the supralittoral species Tylos europaeus. J. Struct. Biol. 190: 173-191.
  • Hahn S, Griesshaber, E, Schmahl WW, Neuser RD, Ritter A-C, Hoffmann R, Buhl D, Niedermayr A, Geske A, Immenhauser A (2014) Exploring aberrant bivalve shell ultrastructure and geochemistry as proxies for past sea water acidification. Sedimentology 61: 1625–1658.
  • Kim YY, Schenk AS, Ihli J Kulak AN, Hetherington NBJ, Tang CC, Schmahl WW, Griesshaber E, Hyett G & Meldrum FC (2014) A critical analysis of calcium carbonate Mesocrystals. Nature Communications 5: 4341-4545.
  • Schmahl WW, Griesshaber E, Neuser R, Lenze A, Job R, Brand U (2004) The microstructure of the fibrous layer of terebratulide brachiopod shell calcite. Eur. J. Mineral. 16: 693-697.
  • Schmahl WW, Swainson IP, Dove MT, Graeme-Barber A (1992): Landau free energy and order parameter behaviour of the alpha-beta phase transition in Cristobalite. Zeitschr. Kristallogr. 201: 125-145.