Claudia Trepmann

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Claudia Trepmann

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  1. Research Interests & Teaching
  2. Selected Publications

Since 2011      W2-Professor (tenure track) Geological Deformation and Transformation of Rocks, Ludwig- Maximilians-Universität Munich
2008-2011      Juniorprofessorin Endogene Geologie – Materialwissenschaft der Gesteine, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
2004-2007      Scientific assistant, Endogene Geologie, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
2002-2004      DFG research fellowship, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Research Interests & Teaching

Structural geology, tectonics, microfabric development in metamorphic rocks, episodic deformation in deep parts of seismically active shear zones, rheology of rocks in subduction zones, impact geology, polarized light and electron microscopy (CL, SEM, FIB, EBSD, TEM), experimental rock deformation.

Selected Publications

Trepmann C.A., Renner, J. Druiventak, A. (2013). Experimental deformation and recrystallization of olivine – processes and time scales of damage healing during postseismic relaxation at mantle depths. Solid Earth, 4, 423–450.

Trepmann, C.A., Stöckhert B. (2013). Short-wavelength undulatory extinction in quartz recording coseismic deformation in the middle crust – an experimental study. Solid Earth, 4, 263–276.

Bial, J., Trepmann, C.A. (2013). The microstructural record of porphyroclasts and matrix of serpentinite mylonites - from brittle and crystal-plastic deformation to dissolution-precipitation creep. Solid Earth, Solid Earth 4, 315-330.

Druiventak, A., Matysiak, A.K., Renner, J., Trepmann, C.A. (2012). Kick-and-cook experiments on peridotite: simulating coseismic deformation and postseismic creep. Terra Nova 24, 62-69.

Druiventak, A., Trepmann, C.A., Renner, J. and Hanke, K. (2011). Low-temperature plasticity of olivine during high stress deformation of peridotite at lithospheric conditions – An experimental study. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 311: 199-211.

Moghadam R. H., Trepmann C.A., Stöckhert B., Renner, J. (2010). Rheology of synthetic omphacite aggregates at high pressure and high temperature. Journal of Petrology 51: 921-945.

Trepmann C.A., Lenze A., Stöckhert B. (2010). Static recrystallization of vein quartz pebbles in a high pressure - low temperature metamorphic conglomerate. Journal of Structural Geology 32, 202-215.

Trepmann C.A., Stöckhert B. (2009). Microfabric of folded quartz veins in metagreywackes: dislocation creep and subgrain rotation at high stress. Journal of Metamorphic Geology 27: 555–570.

Trepmann C.A. (2008) Shock effects in quartz: compression versus shear deformation – an example from the Rochechouart impact structure, France. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 267: 322-332. doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2007.11.035.

Trepmann C.A., Stöckhert B., Dorner D., Küster M., Röller K., Moghadam R. H. (2007). Simulating coseismic deformation of quartz in the middle crust and fabric evolution during postseismic stress relaxation – an experimental study. Tectonophysics 442:83-104.