Elena Sturm


Elena Sturm



E-mail : sturm [dot] Elenaatlmu [dot] de

Professor W2 (tenure track) of Applied Mineralogy: Geomaterials in Technology and Environment. Crystallography Section, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Geosciences, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Teaching Activities

Bachelor Courses at LMU Munich:
2. Semester: General Mineralogy
5. Semester: Preparative Methods
5. Semester: Analytical Methods
Master Courses at LMU Munich:
1. Semester: Glass and Ceramics
2. Semester: High Resolution Microscopy
2. Semester: Synthesis and Processing


Current research

•    Applied Mineralogy: Nanostructured Mineral-Based Materials
•    Crystallization
•    Nanoparticle Self-Assemblies
•    Biomineralization
•    Biomimetic and bioinspired materials
•    Mesocrystals

The main philosophy driving our research is to get a deeper insight into the fundamental principles of structuring, formation and functionality of advanced mineral-based nanostructured and composite materials from mineralized biological hard tissues and related biomimetic/bioinspired systems to self-assembly of nanoparticles (incl. Mesocrystals). In general, our research is directed to the detailed characterization of structure, morphogenesis and properties of these materials in order to understand how such complex and unique systems form and function. New findings are leading to development of new strategies for fabrication and tuning functionality of nanostructured materials.


Main publications

•    Schlotheuber né Brunner, J.; Maier, B.; Thomä, S. L. J.; Kirner, F.; Baburin, I. A.; Lapkin, D.; Rosenberg, R.; Sturm, S.; Assalauova, D.; Carnis, J.; Kim, Y. Y.; Ren, Z.; Westermeier, F.; Theiss, S.; Borrmann, H.; Polarz, S.; Eychmüller, A.; Lubk, A.; Vartanyants, I. A.; Cölfen, H.; Zobel, M.; Sturm, E. V., Morphogenesis of Magnetite Mesocrystals: Interplay between Nanoparticle Morphology and Solvation Shell. Chemistry of Materials 2021, 33 (23), 9119-9130.
•    Carnis, J.; Kirner, F.; Lapkin, D.; Sturm, S.; Kim, Y. Y.; Baburin, I. A.; Khubbutdinov, R.; Ignatenko, A.; Iashina, E.; Mistonov, A. A.; Steegemans, T.; Wieck, T.; Gemming, T.; Lubk, A.; Lazarev, S.; Sprung, M.; Vartaniants, I. A.; Sturm, E. V., Exploring the 3D Structure and Defects of a Self-Assembled Gold Mesocrystal by Coherent X-ray Diffraction Imaging. Nanoscale 2021.
•    Knaus, J.; Sommer, M.; Duchstein, P.; Gumeniuk, R.; Akselrud, L.; Sturm, S.; Auffermann, G.; Hennig, C.; Zahn, D.; Hulliger, J.; Sturm, E. V., Polar Structure Formation in Solid Solution of Strontium-Substituted Fluorapatite–Gelatin Composites: From Structural and Morphogenetic Aspects to Pyroelectric Properties. Chemistry of Materials 2020, 32 (19), 8619-8632.
•    Brunner, J.; Maier, B.; Rosenberg, R.; Sturm, S.; Cölfen, H.; Sturm, E. V., Nonclassical Recrystallization. Chemistry – A European Journal 2020, 26 (66), 15242-15248.
•    Sturm, E. V.; Cölfen, H., Mesocrystals: Past, presence, future. Crystals 2017, 7 (7).
•    Sturm, E. V.; Cölfen, H., Mesocrystals: structural and morphogenetic aspects. Chemical Society Reviews 2016, 45 (21), 5821-5833.