Dmitri Chernishov


E-mail : dmitry [dot] chernyshovatesrf [dot] fr

Beam-line responsible, BM01
Swiss-Norwegian Beam Lines at
European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Dmitri Chernishov is invited to give lectures during the Mamaself Summer school.

Current research

Diffraction of synchrotron radiation, crystallography, cooperative phenomena in solids, phase transitions, ferroelectrics, antiferroelectrics, photovoltaic materials.

Main publications

  • D. Chernyshov  “On the resolution function for powder diffraction with area detectors” Acta Cryst. (2021). A77, 497-505
  •  D. Chernyshov  “Principal component analysis (PCA) for powder diffraction data: Towards unblinded applications,” Crystals, vol. 10, no. 7, 2020.
  • P. Perlepe et al., “Metal-organic magnets with large coercivity and ordering temperatures up to 242°C,” Science (80), vol. 370, no. 6516, 2020.
  • S.B. Vakhrushev et al., “Electric field control of antiferroelectric domain pattern”, Phys. Rev. B 103, 214108 , 2021
  • D. Chernyshov "Coupling between spin conversion and solvent disorder in spin crossover solids", Phys. Rev. B, 76, 014406-014413, 2007
  •  D. Chernyshov  "Landau theory for spin transition and ordering phenomena in Fe(II) compounds", Phys. Rev. B 70, 094116, 2004.
  •  D. Chernyshov "Ordering phenomena and phase transitions in a spin-crossover compound-uncovering the nature of the intermediate phase of [Fe(2-pic)3]Cl2.EtOH", Angew. Chem. Int., 42, 3825-3830, 2003