Consortium universities

The Mamaself Consortium includes 6 primary European Universities in the field of Materials sciences, Engineering Physics, Chemistry located in France, Germany, Italy, Poland.
Master Mamaself consortium

A consortium of six universities

    •    University of Rennes 1, France,
    •    University of Montpellier, France,
    •    Technische Universität of München (TUM), Germany,
    •    Ludwig Maximilian University in München (LMU), Germany,
    •    University of Torino, Italy,
    •    Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland.

The partners have a large background in materials science and a long collaboration with Large Scale Facilities. They are located in culturally and historically rich European towns. Through full integration of teaching and research, the consortium universities have managed to bring together different specializations in a unique course programme.