Adam Mickiewicz University

University in Poznan

AMU campus in Poznan

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan is the major academic institution in Poznan and one of the top Polish universities. Its reputation is founded on tradition, the outstanding achievements of the faculty and the attractive curriculum. The mission of the University is to advance knowledge through high quality research and teaching in partnership with business, professions, public services and other research and learning providers.

It is a centre of academic excellence where research and teaching are mutually sustaining, and where the context within which research is conducted and knowledge is sought and applied is international as much as regional and national.

The University continuously extends and updates research programs and contents of study curricula, with a special emphasis on their interdisciplinary and international nature. 613 projects are currently being carried out by international and national research teams.

As one of the largest Universities in Poland, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan offers its students a wide variety of dormitories providing suitable living and studying conditions. Located in different parts of the city the dorms are well communicated with the public transport network, making it easy to move around the city.

Poznan means life and dynamics!

View from Poznan

Poznan attracts people who are ambitious and ready to face new challenges. Interesting course offers and numerous development opportunities are what draw students' attention to Poznan. It is enough to spend just a few days here to feel fantastic atmosphere and the comfort of local life, as well as to discover the unique potential of Poznan.

Poznan vibrates with life. It is a very suitable place for running a business, enjoying culture and entertainment. Over 102,000 students provide Poznan with incredible dose of energy and co-create its climate.

Poznan„ offers top level of education. Its universities are among Poland's most prominent ones, and the educational centers and campuses are one of the most modern in Poland. Here, you can pursue each of your passions, and exchange experiences in an international scientific environment.

Each year, over 30,000 students graduate from Poznan„ institutions of higher education. Three-quarters of them are foreign incomers who have chosen to stay in the city they believe to be best for learning and living.

Once a year in May, the Mayor of Poznan„ hands in the city gate keys to the students. Crowds of young people use the occasion to celebrate on the city streets. Juwenalia - a vivid student parade kicks off a series of musical, sports and cultural events.