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Information guide MamaselfMamaself students can find information regarding the administrative procedures and the Welcome informations in the Mamaself Information guide:

Download the Mamaself Information Guide


  • Visa application for Non-EU students

All students living in a non-European country will have to apply for a visa. Please check with your nearest Campusfrance agency, French Embassy or Consulate.
 The Mamaself consortium will assist students during the process of applying for a visa.

To enter or transit through the Shengen area, to which the consortium countries France, Germany and Italy belong, third-countries citizens must be in possession of a valid passport. 

To get the visa, it is necessary to prove to have sufficient financial resources available to guarantee maintenance throughout the planned visit : Mamaself student will show the Acceptance letter, which  will mention the grant. The Acceptance letter will be sent after final acceptance by post and e-mail.

Mamaself students during Integration weekAuthority to issue visas is vested in Ministries of Foreign Affairs and their network of consulates.

The long stay visa (one year student visa for France) gives access to the state that issues the visa and the possibility of transit through other Schengen countries. We advise all students to apply for a type D student visa.

French, German and Italian embassies and consulates in third countries will be contacted by our office in order to facilitate the procedure.

Students from China, Mongolia and Vietnam starting at a German university
must have an APS certificate.  Find more information here: 

The documents required for visa application are :

-valid passport

-proof of financial ressources

-proof of acceptation in University programme

-proof of accommodation

-2 pictures

-filled application form

After arrival in the country (France, Germany, Italy), the student has to start the procedure for RESIDENCY PERMIT as soon as possible. The Ofii form replaces the residence permit for your first year in France. It will enable you to travel in the Schengen-member countries and will entitle you to the housing allowance (once you have had the medical visit in Rennes after arrival). If you do not go through this formality, you may not be able to re-enter France in the future.


  • Documents

Students have to bring the following documents for all administartive formalities :

- Passport with visa
- Certificate of birth, translated into english
- Last diploma (original)
- Last diploma translated into english. 

  • Insurance

EU students should ask in their home country for the specific card showing that they are covered by the national health service of their own country, if this is the case (European health insurance card). This allows students to register with a local doctor and provides free medical assistance in EU member States.
An insurance scheme is offered to all Mamaself Erasmus Mundus students through a European Insurance Company: it covers health, accidents, permanent invalidity, and civil responsibility. The insurance cost is covered by the Master Mamaself for the whole duration of the course. Details about the insurance will be given during the integration days in Rennes.
Students will receive the insurance card ans description of the scheme before departure from their home country. In case the proof of insurance would be asked for the visa application, the certificate can be sent earlier. 
  • Accommodation

Accommodation during Summerschool/ Integration week

The accommodation during the summerschool/ integration week in Rennes will be proposed in April/ Mai. Students staying in Rennes for the year will get directly their definitive room. Students going to München or Torino will get a room proposition for the time of their stay in Rennes.

Accommodation in Rennes, München, Torino

Depending on the first year University, you will choose an accommodation in Rennes, Munich or Torino. In order to prepare your arrival you will be in contact with the local office of each University.

For your accommodation in Rennes, as well as for many other practical questions, you will find information in the Mamaself Information Guide.

Housing Allowance
The housing allowance (ALS) is a sum of money reimbursed to students to help pay for their rent. It is run by the government agency called the CAF (Caisse des Allocations Familiales).The majority of international students are entitled to benefit from the housing allowance (ALS) regardless of their nationality.

  • At arrival

We advise the students to arrive some days before the beginning of the summer school. The first days of the integration days will be dedicated to bureaucratic matters.

During the first days at the entrance country, the student will have to :

- get enrolled at University
- request a residency permit
- open a Bank account

Students will be assisted by the Mamaself office for all these procedures. For more information, download the Mamaself Information Guide.


Academic calendar/ lecture periods


The programme will start in Rennes for all students with the Integration week.

The lectures will start in Rennes on September 21th 2015.

The second semester 2014-15 will end on July 24th 2015.

  • LMU / TUM

    Academic Year 2015/16 :  01.10.2015 - 30.09.2016
    Semester Duration WS 15/16 :  01.10.2015 - 31.03.2016
    Lecture Period  WS 15/16 : 12.10.2015 -  06.02.2016


The lectures 1st Semester 15/16:
Master 1 : 01/10/2015 -15/01/2016
Master 2 : 01/10/2015-29/01/2016
The lectures 2nd Semester 15/16:

 Specific requirements for registration at Torino University forNon-Eu citizens